MBM: Waterton Canyon

Second big MBM session of ’09. This was also a new one to me and Ry. J used to ride this years ago but hasn’t checked it out in forever… also close to his new house down in Littleton.

We rode the dirt road 7-8 miles or so to where we could pick up the Colorado Trail. Along the way, we goofed around a bit:


And saw this:


The Colorado Trail was sweet riding. In fact, I’ve almost covered the majority of the Colorado Trail now and its always good stuff. Here we are stopping for a quick breather:


I need to get a camera with higher ISO speeds for action shots, but was playing with taking shots while riding on the dirt road back to the car. Here’s one of the MTBNINJA in fighting form:


Over-the-shoulder shot of J:


Click through any of the photos to go to our flickr page. Cheers.

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