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Salsa Cowbell bar

Commuted to work on the Crosscheck, switched up the bars again, 46cm Salsa Cowbells:

I’m picky about socks, underwear, packs, and handlebars, roughly in that order.

I like the Cowbell bars for their short reach and especially the bit of flare in the drops.  Other bars that I have on bikes that are similar are the FSA ProWings and 3T Ergonova.  In retrospect though, I think I should have gotten the 44cm, as these bars are W-I-D-E, as in almost 48cm in the drops.  Even at the hoods, it’s a generous 46cm.  I’m also missing the flat shape of my FSA ProWings on my road bike but I’ve been riding that bike a lot lately. Also, the bend forward also seems to be more immediate on the FSA’s which seems to fit into my palms more comfortably.  Like I said, I’m picky.  But all in all, these are great so far, going to ride them for a while.